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About Kay andHer Counselling

My ‘client-centered’ therapy operates according to three basic principles all of which have been central to the way I conduct sessions for the various Areas of Counselling I deal with.

  • Congruency

    The first one, is me the therapist is congruent with the client. I hear you say “What does this mean to you the client?”, it means that you are at the heart of each session, your unique and whatever you bring into session is something together we will explore. Your issues are so very personal and important to you, therefore important for me to respect and value.

  • Unconditional Positive Regard

    The second one, is basically myself’ the therapist will provide an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard; for you the client you will feel valued and your humanity respected.  Im will convey a warm atmosphere, putting you will feel at ease and then able to explore your thoughts without being judged no matter what you may convey in the process.

  • Empathetic

    Thirdly, another word which is key to counselling is ‘Empathy’. It is a state of mind with regards to how we as humans respond to others, and it is this that is at the centre of my client-based counselling. At all times, the upmost respect will be given to yourself, your thoughts and ways of being, irrelevant of your circumstances or current state of mind. You will be heard, you will be respected and you will be valued at Kay’s Counselling.

Welcome… this is Kay's Counselling in Lymington, run by Kay myself as a trained “Person Centred-Integrative Psychotherapist”.  As an Integrative counsellor my theory is born from the Humanistic teachings of Carl Rogers (1902-1987), and if called upon can tailor sessions to individual needs using;  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychodynamic Theories.  I also have a keen interest in Existential Theories which focus upon free-will, self-determination.  Focusing upon the clients capacity to make rational choices and to develop to their maximum potential. After qualifying, I worked in the voluntary sector (Life Changes) establishing myself as a counsellor.  Developing my private practice, based upon the person to person encounter working together collaboratively so that clients are able to recognise and make the most of their own skills and abilities during sessions. I believe in the uniqueness and worth of ‘every’ individual, that we deserve respect for the capacity to choose our own direction in life, which is why Im flying solo…..

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Flexible Timing

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Everyone is different. My aim is to not only identify where problems may exist, but also to cater individual plans and therapies to your exact needs.

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My ClientsLove My Counselling

I would like to thank you so much for helping me to carry on with my journey through life after the death of my father. Your encouragement will help me and I will never forget what you have done for me. Best of luck and thank you again.Annon, M.
Kay's Counselling in Lymington

After a few tough years following a series of rather traumatic experiences and keeping everything bottled up inside, I finally sought help. After numerous counsellors both public and private, I found Kay and I haven’t been happier. 100% recommend. Matt
Kay's Counselling in Hampshire
Dear Kay, Thank you for giving me your address so I can send you a thank you message. I found the sessions with you very useful & they helped me in so many ways. Thank you for being so kind and empathic, I do find it hard to be very honest and not put on a front, but I felt at ease with you. I found myself moving on after your sessions. I think its amazing that you give your time to do this. I had a brilliant experience and Im hard to please, lol, so Im very impressed.. Thank you againAnnon
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