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Valentines Day & The Expression of Love

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Today as I begin to write my blog this month what initially comes to the forefront of my thinking is: The 14th February which is St. Valentines Day,  celebrated around the world in various different ways, but at the heart of it is and expression of love… the gifting of cards, flowers and chocolates. I remember reading in my 20’s that it began around the 14th Century, during the time of Geoffrey Chaucer where the idea of courtly love flourished. Today it can feel more driven by commercialism, do we feel forced to behave in a certain way or do we have a sense of our own ‘free will’ ? Are you able to exercise a choice?

From an existential approach, I believe we have a choice but that sometimes choices are led by expectation! Are we expected to act in a certain way during Valentine’s Day? Do you believe in ‘choice’, and ‘free will’, what do ‘you’  consider to be meaningful, not driven by expectation!  The pressure to break away from what is expected can be overwhelming but again examine why you feel this way, don’t discount the logic behind why this has become prevalent in your thoughts.

Client’s will often say they follow what others expect of them, but sometimes this is an assumption and not what is actually expected. I would explore this idea of what we call ‘givens’ and ask if there would be another way to respond to such expectations.  Existential thinking has a way of exploring possibilities, helping you explore the givens and learning to accept your limitations. Above all I believe this day crosses, cultural, class and national boundaries and should be driven by what feels pertinent to you.

On a lighter note I will be spending Valentines evening taking a family member to a hospital appointment, which brings a new dimension to how I will be celebrating the 14th February. Overall my thoughts are that I will approach this week with the confidence, courage and some curiosity, and to  accept my limitations.

Above all the topic for this month is something that resonates with me and by no means reflects others thinking.

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