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Another week flies by, with some reflection regarding the way Ive approached life to date, and considered the many life challenging experiences which I think we all experience at some point. I began to look at  NATs (negative automatic thoughts) when and why they appear and why they sometimes linger? What prompted them? How to unravel them in the importance of their significance? And why they occurred?  It’s not always easy to do so without help, but we sometimes just struggle on regardless. The different types of automatic thoughts a person is likely to have can affect their health outcomes, as well as their overall quality of life. If these thoughts are affecting your day and encroaching on your work life balance, analyse your thoughts, what prompted them, then try to act upon them accordingly. It can sometimes be as simple as filtering through each one to understand why they linger, or troubling you.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone, to take stock of what and why, you acted they way you did or responded to the situation in the way that was negative to actually how you truly wanted to respond. Sometimes just a long walk, a coffee with a friend sometimes helps.. Failing that talking to a counsellor can help to focus on key words, reflecting thoughts etc which often helps to clarify why your ‘stuck’ or helps free up your 🤔 thinking! Looking at this picture, the reflection in the water, what’s underneath the surface is for me sometimes key to what’s bothering or troubling! a clue to what’s muddied or muddled your thought processes.. Reflecting isn’t always the answer, but helps me!! #thoughts #NATs #mental #health #reflection #stuck#Lymington # #counselling
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