Stepping Quietly into 2020!

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Happy New Year one and all...

Not sure how everyone else is feeling but I cannot start a day without a piping hot cup of coffee! Not sure why? But it invites me into the day feeling more energised. Ive had a mixed 2019 with a major operation which has taken 6 months to heal, during that time I could have been blogging away and entertaining myself with the thought that maybe people would want to know what has been happening in my small part of my world, but decided that was rather indulgent and kept occupied with recovery instead. It did make me think about my importance to everyone around me ‘ and realised that the unspoken word speaks volumes! Does it not!   We just know that people care! Don’t they? Or do we have to be constantly reassured that that is the case? I figured out that all I needed to know was that if I wanted or needed help, or even just someone to talk to they were only a fingertip away!

All of my thoughts began wandering to those of you who don’t have such support around them, or those of you that have pushed people away for whatever reason. Humans are not the simple herd animals that wander in droves on the hilltops keeping lookout for predators etc, but we are at times very private individuals who can survive for days without seeing another soul, but we generally know that with some effort can take ourselves out in the community for that herd feeling, the feeling of belonging to a group of other humans.

I would consider myself as a very private person, not because of the work I do but because I like my own company sometime! I know that although, I may not have had contact with friends for a while! But that they are there for me if I need them. Do I have all of my life issues sorted in neat little boxes, no,  but it’s what I term my clutter! I own my unorganised self and when I need to spring clean, do so, or start the ball rolling by going to the gym,  start to feel fitter both mentally and physically, or walk in the rain with the dog.  I have fleeting moments where I’d like some new challenges, but thats simmering in the background ready to tackle in the spring time…  so Ive emerged out of the hibernation of life during the dark months’ but still dark at the moment to begin dusting myself down and getting back to the world of life.. Happy New Year all….

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