Where has 2020 Gone? How are you surviving the pandemic?

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Walk on the wild side!

It wasn’t just a storm in a tea cup! As some would have us believe! What lessons have you learned from this year? I know Ive learned the importance of communication, and family, walking the dog for hours and Joe Wicks! Although my blogs have been limited due to other priorities such as family. I now know the importance of Zoom’ social distancing, hand washing and masks,  all of which in my lifetime wouldn’t  have guessed would be part of my daily routines or added into the dictionary as the most used phrases in 2020. To make some space in my life and regain my mental composure I disappeared to France.  France gave me time to think and returned some peace and harmony which I craved. It felt slightly indulgent and selfish but for my mental health it felt right, I listened to myself and for once I made the right decision. I played my music over and over one was an oldie by ‘Lou Reed’ ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ a classic from the 70’s.  As you can see from the pictures it was good to walk and not have to dodge the crowds’ a sad fact of our times at the moment. We will recover I have no doubt’ but what will be will be. Back in the UK I need to get back to my counselling, of which Im in no doubt is an important part of our recovery process. Kay’s counselling is back in business, please get in touch if you need someone to listen to, after all you’ve listened to me!. #mentalhealth #thenaturalhealthhub #walking #time #walking

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