Areas of Counselling I Deal With

Areas of Counselling at Kay's Counselling - Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety Counselling

There is no such thing as a stress free life. A certain amount of stress is normal and can simply be an indication that change is necessary. However, when we experience an overload of stress, this can be quite difficult to recognise and even more difficult to deal with.

Here is where a therapist can help, help you identify the problems and develop the necessary means to change. Person centred therapy can help you make changes in the way you deal with the stresses in life, offering you a space to explore why you sought help. 

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Areas of Counselling at Kay's Counselling - Low Self Esteem

Low Self-Esteem Counselling

The development of self-esteem can lend itself to a number of external contributing factors and relationships, deep-rooted in ourselves from birth. Negative experiences and troubled relationships lower it, good experiences and strong bonds raise it.

There isn’t a single event or person that will determine your level of self-esteem; it will continue to develop throughout your life, changing with different events and time, you are master of your own destiny.

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Areas of Counselling at Kay's Counselling - Bereavement

Bereavement Counselling

Death and loss are an integral part of life and is an experience common to all, yet the pain of the loss of someone close to us can be searing, consuming and often debilitating. Loss can also be due to the death of a loved one. Redundancy, separation, changes in one's health, even the loss of a job can result in feeling of anger, despair and a sense of numbness / disorientation, all of which are attributed to the process of grief. 

Sometimes coping with this loss requires additional support and I can offer this. Since the grieving process is essentially unique the time scale over which support can be sought is client led. 

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Areas of Counselling at Kay's Counselling - Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

This can cover many areas of life, such as marriage, living with an alcoholic partner/family member, drugs and its affect upon you and your relationships..  Being close to someone who is alcohol/drug dependent can often have a debilitating effect on ourselves and our lives, common symptoms which may occur are anxiety, a loss of self esteem, difficulty in saying no, anger and depression. Integrative counselling can help you explore these issues and collaboratively draw up ways to move forward so that you can find a way of dealing with these anxieties and focus on your mental health.  

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