Kay's Counselling in Hampshire - How it Works

How it Worksat Kay’s Counselling in Hampshire

  • Kay's Counselling

    Get in Touch

    The first step is to get in touch with Kay via the contact page or by phone for a preliminary consultation. It’s extremely important to be as open with Kay as you can during this stage so that Kay can confidently decide the best course of action. Contact Kay

  • Decide Upon Primary Method of Counselling

    The method on which you receive counselling is very subjective. It’s important however for you to feel comfortable. Kay’s Counselling offers counselling session via face-to-face, online video calls, telephone calls or even simply messaging one another. For those of you that prefer Face-to-Face sessions, Kay has a purposefully built counselling cabin (Shown below) in Lymington – if you wish to have sessions here, simply ask 🙂

  • Scheduling & Session Frequency

    This again will be very subjective but will usually be determined after the initial session. Kay will generally suggest what type of schedule / frequency of sessions to believes to be adequate for you whilst taking into account your personal circumstances.

Kay's Counselling in Hampshire - the Cabin